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240VAC to 24V Interface

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The Smart Temp Smart Pak has been designed where 240VAC equipment must be controlled by a 24V thermostat. This simple to install interface isolates low and high voltages through relays therefore ensuring that there is no voltage leakage between the equipment and controller.

The Smart Pak has been fitted with LED indicators to provide visual indication of each relays status. This is a valuable aid during system commissioning or when fault finding a previous installation.

The highest quality components and the latest design and manufacturing techniques have been employed in the construction of the Smart Pak. The quality of this construction is reflected in the unconditional two year return to factory warranty offered by Smart Temp.

The Smart Temp Smart Pak is fitted with a selector switch that gives the Smart Pak the unique ability to control a Heat Pump system using a standard Heat/Cool thermostat. A useful feature when a installation, for what ever reason dictates the use of a normally incompatible thermostat.

A specially constructed enclosure has been provided to provide secure mounting of the Smart Pak on either standard DIN rail or with screws. This base has a reinforced mounting point in each corner which is designed to take the stress of mounting the Smart Pak using power tools and tech screws without damaging the Smart Pak PCB or other components. Protective covers hide and protect all high and low voltage wiring.

The Smart Temp Smart Pak has been designed with the electrical installer in mind. It has been built to be simple to understand, simple to install and very reliable in performance. Further, it has been designed and built in Australia to comply with Australian and New Zealand rules and requirements.


Mounting: DIN Rail
Size: 145 x 112 x 66mm (Terminal Cover On)
Relays: Omron GR2 10A @ 240V (or similar)
Equipment Fuse: 3AG 15A Max
Internal Fuse: 0.75 Amp self resetting PTAC
Transformer: 240 ~ 24V 7VA Unregulated
Input: 220 ~ 240V at 50/60 Hz
Output: 24 ~ 30VAC
– Power(Green)
– Relay 1 to 6 (Amber)
– Fault active (Red)
Approvals:C-Tick N10697



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