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Smart Temp is please to announce the SMT-920 “Viking” Commercial HVAC controller. Built using the very powerful and reliable “Chameleon” engine, the Viking is the culmination of many years of experience in designing and building advanced control solutions for the commercial HVAC industry.

In keeping with the Smart Temp tradition, the Viking has been built to be a powerful, feature rich commercial HVAC controller with industry leading functions which is simple to install, commission and use.

Gone are the days of strange function codes with “look up tables”, 7 segment displays showing strange hieroglyphic symbols or LEDS flashing some cryptic code to inform you of setup menu options or errors. The Viking simply displays information in clear precise English that anybody could understand on its bright backlit graphical display.  Great emphasis has been given to making the Viking an installer friendly device. To this end, the Viking features “Smart Tags; button labels that change to guide you through the various menus reducing the needs for complicated manuals and the risk of making setup errors.

Smart Temp believe that its much simpler and more cost effective to manufacture a single device with all the bells and whistles included as standard rather than building a range of very similar devices each with separate functions or an additional output. Building and stocking multiple devices costs more time and money and makes product selection complicated and prone to error for the installer.  At Smart Temp build the best we can, providing all the options in a single product that can be turned on or off as needed to suit the project at the time. We then pass the savings of a simpler manufacturing and inventorying process on to our customers. The net result is a better  product at a lower cost.

Consider the Viking for your next commercial project and see for yourself the exceptional value offered in this product.


Input Voltage: 24 / 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature: 0-50C.
Operating RH: 0-95% (non condensing).
Storage Temperature: 0-65C (32 to 150F).
– 110 x 110 x 65mm.
– 110 x 180 x 65mm with terminal covers fitted.
Control range: 0-50c
Maximum Equipment Stages: 4 compressors ( HC mode =2 heat 3 cool)
Anti-cycle timer: O 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes (installer adjustable)
After hours timer: Off to 12 hours (installer adjustable)
Memory type: Non volatile128K
– 12/24 hour 7 day with calendar
– Backup battery for clock.(CR1220)
Backup battery life: 5 to 8 years
Holiday events: 10 – (Perpetual and /or self expiring)
LCD: 32 x 132 graphical – LED back light.
– Fan 10A 240v Max – volt free.
– All others 5A 240Vac Max – Volt free.
0-10V output: 10mA max each
Room & outside air sensor: 10K NTC type II. (2 wire screened)
Communicating sensor:
– 3 wire – 400m maximum with control function.
– 10K NTC type II / RH 10~98% RH 2%.
Optional RF sensor:
– 2 x AAA batteries 18mth life 10K NTC Type II
– Range- 150m open air (40M indoors typical).
– Frequency 433Mhz – 2 way with error checking.
Communications Modbus RTU Baud rate: 4.8 / 9.6 / 19.2K
BACnet MS-TP Baud rate: 4.8 / 9.6 / 19.2K
Address range: 1 ~ 255



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