Climate Controller with CO2 Measurement and BACnet


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Space Climate Controller with Heating and Cooling Outputs, CO2 Sensor and Control, Fan Speed Control, LCD Display, BACnet MS/TP

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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The SRC-200 series controllers have been designed for climate control in room spaces. The controllers have up to two heating and cooling temperature control stages, fan speed control, optional CO2 level and humidity control. The units can be in various climate control applications including VAV, fan coil units and natural
ventilation systems. The controllers have 4 analogue 0..10Vdc outputs and two digital outputs that can be configured for heating, cooling, CO2, humidity, maximum VAV demand or maximum fan demand control. The controllers can operate as Proportional Only or as Proportional + Integral Controllers.

The analogue outputs can be individually configured for any of the heating/cooling stages, CO2, maximum VAV demand or Humidity control. The digital outputs can be configured as 3-point, PWM (thermic) or On/Off control. The SRC-200CO2 versions have built-in CO2 measurement and the outputs can be controlled based on CO2, maximum VAV demand (temperature and CO2), or maximum Fan demand.



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