• 24V AC /DC supply voltage
  • Three colour LCD backlight indicating ventilation requirement based on CO2 measurement
  • High accuracy temperature sensor
  • Non dispersive infrared sensing technology
  • Two analogue outputs (0 – 10VDC or 2 – 10VDC – selectable by jumper)
  • Configurable measuring ranges and outputs
  • Wall mounted
  • Suitable for airports, train stations, shopping centres, offices, classrooms etc.




Gas detected Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Sensing element Non-dispersive infrared detector (NDIR)
Stability < 2% of FS over life of sensor (15 years typical)
Calibration interval ABC logic self calibration algorithm
Response time < 2 minutes for 90% step change
Warm up time 24 hours (first time), 5 minutes (operation)
CO2 measuring range 0 ~ 2,000ppm
CO2 accuracy @ 25oC ± 30ppm 3% of reading
Temperature measuring range -20 ~ 60oC
Temperature accuracy ± 0.4oC
Power supply 24VAC/24VDC
Consumption 1.8W max. ; 1.2W average
Analogue outputs Two analogue outputs (CO2 and temperature) – 0 – 10VDC or 2 – 10VDC
(selectable via jumper)
RS485 interface RS-485 with Modbus protocol, 19,200bps rate, 15KV antistatic protection,
independent base address;